Dear Chris,

Trust all is well on your side. First thing first, I received the Graceline L1 cables just over the weekend and to me, I must say it is one of the “fine” crafts which I have the privilege to own and experience. Thank you so much for investing your life energy into creating and crafting such amazing ‘masterpiece’ in my opinion.
As I got home, I could not wait but to hook them up right away and allowed my system to warm up for about half an hour. As I stepped back into the room, there was an immediate transcendence to the entire soundscape. There was a great sense of harmony among the sound of music instruments and the best part was each had it own space and time to reach its peak and eventual fade!
It was truly obvious with the track Way Down Deep by Jennifer Warners. After that, I put on Eagle’s Long Road Out of Eden, the distant bell (like one of those in medieval churches) was particularly impressive… not only could I hear hear it well, I could feel the vibration coming through as if I was just a mile away…. The first 4-hour listening was an awe-struck experience and I really could not wipe the grin of amazement off my face. Yesterday evening, I sat down and listened for another 1 1/2 hour…. Just beyond words!! 
I feel this is the least I could do by sending you a quick email to let you know how much I LOVE your Graceline cables. An honor of a lifetime to experience something so magical. 🙏🙏🙏
Dear Chris, 
I couldn’t find a better day to send this message to you. It’s Thanksgiving, and I’d like to thank you for giving me the one-of-a-kind product. What I have here is a phono cable that I doubt anyone can ever replicate.
My dear Lord, whatever magic fairy dust you sprinkled on it, it really works. No other phono cable worked in my system like yours. The highs shine and shimmer, where I can clearly hear the attacks and fades of all cymbal strikes. The mids are presented in a polite way where they make a statement without becoming overpowering. The bass is easy to follow without being too boomy. This is the audiophile dream, where everything sounds just right in a perfect harmony between the components, cables and the music flowing through them, creating this wonderful aural oasis that we all strive for as audiophile hobbyists.  
Thank you SO much. I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving. 
Kind regards, Andrei


We feel these are the most transparent, uncolored we have encountered. This is with a reference point of close to a hundred different cable brands we have had in our systems over the years. The Graceline Level 1 with banana connectors is neither bright”, “dark”, “midrang-ey”, it just is. In other words, it provides as direct a connection between amplifier and speaker as one could expect at this price point.