Level 4 "Yume"

Here is where almost all of the stops are being pulled out, with new and strange inconveniences in production are being introduced. I needed to introduce some new manufacturing capability so that some peculiar construction could be achieved. This involved having some new machinery here, one of which needed to be custom built. As well, it required getting my hands on some exotic materials (other forms of microporous Teflon, because it is sooooo good) and making sure that they would work within the context and operation of my processes.

Extraordinarily time-consuming to manufacture, and even more time consuming to terminate … here we have the rarest of rarified air and the ultimate statement - the apotheosis of the Graceline Way. 

    All levels and models present with effortlessness and continuousness while projecting all of the complexities of the soundstage and audible images with dynamic realism from the micro to the macro - and all areas in between. In the world of High End Audio, these are uniquely accomplished.