Level 3 "Mezame"

Level 3 "Mezame" has a delicate structure combining a triaxial arrangement of open-braided, matrixed wire-tubes separated by layers of insulation, in a termination arrangement that keeps capacitance fundamentally low and velocity reasonably high (due to the air content of our unique AERON insulator).

    All levels and models present with effortlessness and continuousness while projecting all of the complexities of the soundstage and audible images with dynamic realism from the micro to the macro - and all areas in between. In the world of High End Audio, these are uniquely accomplished.

    • Interconnects
      • RCA
      • XLR
      • Phono
    • Speaker Cable
      • XOX Copper/Rhodium Banana
      • Can Be BiWired
    • Power Cord
      • US NEMA 15A
        • IEC 15A
        • IEC 20A
      • Schuko
        • IEC 15A
        • IEC 20A


    "Astonishingly vivid in character, sublimely expressive in output, these are now my de facto new reference cables for the Wilson XVX system"

    ~ Danny Kaey, Positive-Feedback.com