Level 2 "Setsuna" Phono Cable

This is a miniaturized version of the Level 2 "Setsuna" interconnect, with twin-runs being deployed under a layer of QuieTex™ noise-abating shielding and a final jacket of braided, multifilament nylon yarns.

It has a delicate structure of open-braided, matrixed wire-tubes encased in layers of insulation, in a termination arrangement that keeps capacitance fundamentally low and velocity reasonably high (due to the air content of our unique AERON insulator). 

Can be terminated with Neutrik XLRs, Lovecraft Reference RCAs, and Furutech DIN connectors. Please cosult with your dealer on the best connector arrangement for your circumstance.


All levels and models present with effortlessness and continuousness while projecting all of the complexities of the soundstage and audible images with dynamic realism from the micro to the macro - and all areas in between. In the world of High End Audio, these are uniquely

Dear Chris, 

I couldn’t find a better day to send this message to you. It’s Thanksgiving, and I’d like to thank you for giving me the one-of-a-kind product. What I have here is a phono cable that I doubt anyone can ever replicate.

My dear Lord, whatever magic fairy dust you sprinkled on it, it really works. No other phono cable worked in my system like yours. The highs shine and shimmer, where I can clearly hear the attacks and fades of all cymbal strikes. The mids are presented in a polite way where they make a statement without becoming overpowering. The bass is easy to follow without being too boomy. This is the audiophile dream, where everything sounds just right in a perfect harmony between the components, cables and the music flowing through them, creating this wonderful aural oasis that we all strive for as audiophile hobbyists.  

Thank you SO much. I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving. 

Kind regards,


Dear Chris,

I would like to give you my impressions on your wonderful Black Cat Graceline L2 tonearm phono cable.

First impressions from listening to one of my favourite records  - Very sophisticated sounding right away, the sound has more layers of finesse & depth to the music, like I have upgraded vehicles to a new high performance Bentley.

The cable has a very relaxed presentation to the music, by this I mean nothing sounds forced or edgy, more 3D holograhic soundstage with body & texture to the music.

I was instantly feeling very relaxed in my listening chair, I can listen for hours while the music still retain the incredible dynamics my PBN Audio M2!5 horn speakers are capable of producing but with no listening fatigue.

Thank you Chris I am so happy with your Incredible new Graceline L2 phono cable.

Very highly recommended as a ultimate end of game tone arm phono cable.

Thank you
Kind regards
Jason Parmenter