Level 1 "Kibou"


Level 1 "Kibou" has a delicate structure combining a coaxial arrangement of open-braided, Matrix wire-tubes separated by layers of insulation, in a termination arrangement that keeps capacitance fundamentally low and velocity reasonably high (due to the air content of our unique AERON insulator). 

  • Interconnects
    • RCA
    • XLR
  • Speaker Cable
    • XOX Copper/Rhodium Banana




I'm immensely enjoying streaming Qobuz/SACD through the Mini-TRØN Universal and the Graceline "KIBOU" RCA interconnects and loudspeaker cables.

It has been quite a revelation in realising the extent of how a complete signal cable loom from you has elevated my music listening to another level, comparable to a component change in the system. I'm eagerly looking forward to when the KIBOU loudspeaker cables are finally fully burnt-in.

I didn't realise before, the bottleneck imposed on my system from using a comparably-priced cable loom from a reputable UK brand.

I'm now experiencing more tonal colour/density and life-like rhythmic accuracy allied with subtle nuances which transmuted "mere recordings" into performances.

~ Malek M.