Level 1 "Kibou" Loudspeaker Cable

Level 1 "Kibou" speaker cables have a delicate structure combining a triaxial arrangement of open-braided, matrixed wire-tubes separated by layers of insulation, in a termination arrangement that keeps inductance fundamentally low and mechanical damping fairly high (due to AERON's natural ability to absorb vibration).

  • 2mm core textile cord
  • bare copper matrix
  • Two-layer AERON nylon insulator
  • bare copper matrix
  • braided nylon interstitial insulator
  • tin-plated copper matrix
  • braided nylon jacket
  • terminated with XOX pure copper/rhodium plated bananas

All levels and models present with effortlessness and continuousness while projecting all of the complexities of the soundstage and audible images with dynamic realism from the micro to the macro - and all areas in between. In the world of High End Audio, these are uniquely accomplished.



I'm immensely enjoying streaming Qobuz/SACD through the Mini-TRØN Universal and the Graceline "KIBOU" RCA interconnects and loudspeaker cables.

It has been quite a revelation in realising the extent of how a complete signal cable loom from you has elevated my music listening to another level, comparable to a component change in the system. I'm eagerly looking forward to when the KIBOU loudspeaker cables are finally fully burnt-in.

I didn't realise before, the bottleneck imposed on my system from using a comparably-priced cable loom from a reputable UK brand.

I'm now experiencing more tonal colour/density and life-like rhythmic accuracy allied with subtle nuances which transmuted "mere recordings" into performances.

~ Malek M.

Dear Chris,

Trust all is well on your side. First thing first, I received the Graceline L1 cables just over the weekend and to me, I must say it is one of the “fine” crafts which I have the privilege to own and experience. Thank you so much for investing your life energy into creating and crafting such amazing ‘masterpiece’ in my opinion.
As I got home, I could not wait but to hook them up right away and allowed my system to warm up for about half an hour. As I stepped back into the room, there was an immediate transcendence to the entire soundscape. There was a great sense of harmony among the sound of music instruments and the best part was each had it own space and time to reach its peak and eventual fade!
It was truly obvious with the track Way Down Deep by Jennifer Warners. After that, I put on Eagle’s Long Road Out of Eden, the distant bell (like one of those in medieval churches) was particularly impressive… not only could I hear hear it well, I could feel the vibration coming through as if I was just a mile away…. The first 4-hour listening was an awe-struck experience and I really could not wipe the grin of amazement off my face. Yesterday evening, I sat down and listened for another 1 1/2 hour…. Just beyond words!! 
I feel this is the least I could do by sending you a quick email to let you know how much I LOVE your Graceline cables. An honor of a lifetime to experience something so magical. 🙏🙏🙏