Level 0 "Mu"

In the Zen world there is a concept called Mu, a word suggesting nothingness, nonbeing. It is also a reference to the first in a series of famous riddles in a collection of koans entitled The Gateless Gate. Meant to help the student navigate their way through the veils of their mundane thinking habits in order to take some steps toward realizing Truth, it serves here as an indicator:

Level Zero is where the audiophile, otherwise steeped in the indoctrinated superstitions about audio cables, can have their first taste of Graceline's truth.

In the Graceline series, Level Zero / Mu is where one is able to get a taste of what is ahead in the series. It’s both the way-in and the way-out. It is a proof of concept that demonstrates the Graceline Way, and the resulting reaction of the listener will either be encouragement to continue on The Graceline Path … or abandon it and return to the world of huge, vulgar, shiny bejeweled cables that adorn the pages of the magazines.

A classic Red Pill / Blue Pill dilemma …

  • Interconnects
    • RCA
    • XLR
  • Speaker cables
    • XOX Copper/Rhodium Banana