Dystopia : A Soundtrack

By Chris Sommovigo

Dystopia : A Soundtrack

Here we are, the day after Election-Day here in the USA, still uncertain as to who has won the presidency as of 7:36am EST. To some, any result will be a disaster - just two different styles of catastrophe await us. There's an anxiousness that pervades, but also a dullness that lingers in the knowledge that - regardless of who wins - half of our country will be convinced that the other half schemed to cheat at an historically monumental election. A dark cloud obscures the sky.

As I flipped through some random albums on Qobuz I found something that gave voice to the flavor of this moment, so much so that I am compelled to share it. This delivers some lovely audiophile goods, for sure, especially in the near-infrasonic band, but it is the permeating and dark uneasiness that truly makes this music understandably of the moment.

In true TLDR fashion, I'll cease explaining and offer you a link to listen for yourself.

Gramatik : Cyberpunk 2020 OST