Diving Into The Music

By Chris Sommovigo

Diving Into The Music

My friend Andre and I often send links to new music back and forth with one another, which is a fun way of finding new stuff. I'd say most of the things he sends to me are really great finds, very enjoyable, and almost always link back to Bandcamp. The platform is an outstanding way for indie musicians to promote themselves, and I've actually bought LPs from several of the artists there.

One of those bands is HUSMO HAV, which Andre recently sent to me in a linked email. I went and previewed their music on Bandcamp and knew I wanted the vinyl within a minute of listening. Once I bought the vinyl I told Andre (he also bought), and he told Thomas Husmo Litleskare -the band's leader- which lead to this:


A personal video greeting and thanks for preordering their album! I must say, that's a LOVELY touch and a very nice way to connect with your fans. (Andre had also gotten one!).

Self-described as "post-apocalyptic-jazz" where comparisons have been made to Jaga Jazzist (a Norwegian jazz troupe) and Bladerunner soundtracks, Husmo Hav combine elements that would seem very much at home in epic anime films. Thomas write to me recently with this:

... our sound is something we’ve put a lot of work into. It’s a combination of our personal voices, which we adapted to the studio situation with all its possibilites. I think we really wanted to create a vivid, organic and vibrant soundscape with a lot of detail. Something you can really swim in as a listener, you know? Much like the ocean, which is what HAV means in Norwegian.

Objective achieved!

Come listen to their most recent soundtrack, WAVES, here: