Digging Up Oldies

By Chris Sommovigo

Digging Up Oldies

I've been hunting down some of the music I used to enjoy when i was quite young. I would have to ask permission from my parents (!!) to buy records, and this is one of the ones I wore out when I was about nine or ten years old. While Disco was dominating most of the airwaves, I was listening to WSHE 103.5 FM (She's ONLY Rock and Roll !), and the title track on this record was in heavy rotation. It influenced me enough to spend some of my hard earned chore-money on the LP.

Soon my tastes began to change, as is the way of man, and the Steve Miller Band was in the rear view mirror'd distance as I began to explore other bands such as Molly Hatchett, Aerosmith, KISS, Queen, and then onto prog acts such as Yes, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Rush, etc. Poor Steve Miller and Co. never had a chance after that.

Fast forward 40-some-odd years later and I decided to brush the virtual dust off "Fly Like An Eagle" - to my surprise and delight!

Mind you, not all the tracks boogie, so feel free to skip Dance, Dance, Dance and Mercury Blues. They're not terrible, but they ain't the kind of gold that was struck with Fly Like An Eagle, Take the Money and Run, and Rock'n-Me. Skip the cover of "You Send Me" without guilt, as well.

In TLDR tradition, I'll stop there and just give you the link: