By Chris Sommovigo


Serendipity. Happy accident.

One day while fingering through records at a local shop I happened upon one of the Anachronic Jazz Band records and decided to buy it. Brought it home, played it, fell instantly in love.

These gifted musicians rearrange classic Jazz masterpieces into earlier and different styles within the idiom, hence you'll hear a version of Yardbird Suite or Giant Steps as interpreted into a Dixieland motif.

It's not simply the clever arrangements that make this worth listening to, nor the excellent recordings, but the very fact that it is supremely delightful!

I have two LPs that constitute most of what you'll here on this anthology, and can wholeheartedly recommend them for those as wont to spin the vinyls ...

That said, I've been enjoying the digitized anthology today through the ol' "Big Rig" and it recommends itself amply to the audiophilically inclined.